Welcome to CoolPixx Media!

What we do

CoolPixx Media is a full service film, video, and digital photography production facility. We specialize in documentary programming and high-end video production. We also work with companies to produce creative commercial spots that target their specific audiences through beautifully crafted shots and messages that connect with viewers. Our training and educational programs get results. They educate. They entertain. They move people to act.

How we see it

CoolPixx Media makes extensive use of documentary filmmaking techniques to produce programs designed as “edutainment”. This style of work is engaging and fun to watch. We capture footage using interesting angles and film-style lighting along with moving camera shots. This enables us to get our message across and keep our audience entertained.

How we do it

Our team does the research that will help identify your needs. Together, we produce programming that is technically superior and aesthetically beautiful, and, on-message. The process that is the production, is cooperation- a joint creative journey that we partner in with you. We don’t pretend to have all the answers at the on-set. We listen. We plan. We produce.