Capabilities Statement

For Our Government Related Clients

CoolPixx Media is a full service video and digital photography production company with extensive experience in government, university, medical and military programming. Our expertise centers upon film-style production techniques and lighting. Even the smallest jobs look big budget since we put the project first-not the fluff. Digital photography encompasses various client needs principally location stills and portrait photography. Clients include the U.S. Military, prominent eastern universities like Penn State and realtors. We also do work for advertising agencies and corporate clients in addition to ABC, CBS and ESPN. Training and instructional video programs are key pieces in our skill set. The use of contemporary production techniques in both our location and studio work, along with highly polished editing and graphic capabilities make our work not only informational but entertaining as well.

Pre Production

  • Creative Concept Development.
  • Location Scouting.
  • Scriptwriting.
  • Contacting and booking locations and interview subjects.
  • Securing permissions and clearances for locations used in the production.


  • The Company is responsible for all equipment used in field production.
  • Contracting all freelance personnel used on the job.
  • Gathering all video assets to fit the script.
  • Logging field tapes to ease post-production flow through.

Post Production

  • The company will be responsible for all of the field tapes used in the program.
  • Editing will commence once all of the video assets have been gathered.
  • Editor will follow the cleared script and update clients as to the progress.
  • A first cut of the program will be given to the client for input and changes.
  • Editor will make changes to the specifications of the client.


  • CoolPixx Media will deliver a DVD and DVCAM Master of the program.
  • Dubs ordered as part of the contract will be made upon approval of the program.

Broadcast Quality Equipment

  • Ikegami DVCAM HLDV7W Camera
  • Boom and Wireless Mics
  • Full location lighting/dolly package
  • Final Cut Pro Non-Linear Editing
  • Masters provided on DVCAM-DVD
  • Media purposed for Web/DVD

Company Designations

Cage Code: 4J2S1
Pro-Net ID: P079942
Duns Number: 603762431
Business Status: Disabled Veteran/Small Business


Motion Picture/Video: 5121 | 51211 | 512110
Post Production: 51219 | 512191 | 512199
Photography: 54192 | 541910 | 541921 | 541922
Writer: 7115 | 71151 | 711510

Select Clients

Venture Media
James Duffy CEO
U.S Navy Prime
Matt Faison
Snavely & Associates/Producer
Marketing, Edutainment
Kitty Patterson
Graphics and Design/CEO
Corporate Communications
Cindy Hiltibrand
Penn State / U of New Haven